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Stand Up for Iran






We were tasked by SAT-7 to create a two-minute, direct-response television campaign to help drive awareness and ultimately, donations. SAT-7 broadcasts Christian media into the Middle East. Their programming is unable to be censored or scrambled by the government, and therefore, thousands hear the hope of the Gospel every day. Many have been tortured for their faith, including a gentleman we interviewed whose legs were skinned off. To these individuals, SAT-7 becomes their church, their means of growth in their faith, and gives them a community to fellowship with.

We’ve had people ask us if producing a video like this was difficult. The answer? Yes and no. We consider it a great honor when people trust us with their stories, as did these individuals. We treat them like they were our own – with deep respect as they share about what is most important to them: their faith in Jesus Christ. While the things they endured are painful memories, their hope is in a future and a Savior who, as each of them told us in their interviews, makes everything they went through “worth it.”