Lunch & Learn: Using Typography Well

Welcome to our new Lunch & Learn blog series! Once a month, someone at Reliant Studios presents on a topic of their choice to the rest of our team. This series of blog posts will be a compilation of what we’ve covered in each of these gatherings. Take this journey with us, as we continue to learn from one another! Read more »

Mike on Authenticity, Storytelling and the Value of Video

Recently, Mike was a guest interviewee with Innovate 4 Jesus’ Justin Blaney. Listen for yourself as they discuss the importance of authenticity, provide tips on gathering stories, and explain the value of video for fundraising and marketing campaigns. Innovate 4 Jesus is an online community that was created for Christian leaders to create, collaborate, and share wisdom. The organization aims to “help leaders grow their businesses, churches, nonprofits and selves for the glory of God.” Read more »

Hi, I’m Allea. And yes, I’m new.

After five years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I finally graduated in May 2012 (Yippee!). For the record, my fifth year was really a “bonus year,” since I decided a semester before my expected graduation to add a second major and study abroad. In August 2011, with two majors in advertising and history, one large suitcase, a taste for adventure, and zero-to-no foreign language experience in tow, I boarded a big airplane and headed east. Bound to study history and British culture, I found my way to Kingston, a borough of London. Studying during the week and traveling on the […] Read more »

Hollywood and the Nonprofit Cinematographer Merge

Have you seen “Act of Valor,” the 2012 feature film starring a cast of real Navy SEALs? The interesting thing about this movie is that it was the first feature film to be shot primarily with a DSLR camera. A typical digital cinema camera used in Hollywood today starts at about $90,000. But the DSLR (the Canon 5D Mark II) used in “Act of Valor” can be purchased from Best Buy for less than $2,000. As a video professional, I can actually see a big difference between a $90,000 cinema camera and a DSLR. I’m not even all that excited […] Read more »

Paul and Kristin Published in AdVents Magazine

A clip of Paul and Kristin's article

We have grown a lot in our skills over the last couple of years. But there is one particular skill set that seems to be rising above the rest. We have become so passionate about perfecting our interviewing skills. As a result, we have been able to help our clients connect with their audiences with more depth than before. I (Mike), personally, had the recent privilege of watching Kristin take several university professors to a place where they felt safe enough to shed their tears during an interview. But getting people to that place takes a lot of intentionality. Now […] Read more »

Trip to Nepal

A few words to describe the contrasts of Nepal: Wonderful, chaotic, lively, inviting, beautiful and completely impoverished. I think my brain and emotions were on overdrive the whole two weeks Reliant spent capturing video for Tiny Hands International. Tiny Hands is an organization that works to fight poverty and social injustice. In our case, it means that we spent our time telling the stories of orphans who live in their children’s homes and girls who have been intercepted from human trafficking. We also saw kids living in the streets and begging for food everywhere. While we were at the border, […] Read more »