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Now Hiring: Executive Producer


We are incredibly thankful for the growth we have been experiencing over the last couple of years. As our projects continue to expand in quantity and complexity, we are excited to fill a key position...the Executive Producer. The EP role is currently held by Kristin who is looking forward to focusing exclusively on her role as Reliant’s President as we continue to grow.

We are seeking an Executive Producer with experience overseeing all phases of production for story-driven videos. This person will be a big picture thinker, relational and adept at working on multiple projects at once. We are looking for someone to bring clarity to the goals and objectives of a project, be skilled at high level client relationships and be a confident authority throughout the production process. This person must have experience managing teams and crew sizes of 10-20+ people and experience overseeing multiple project workflows at once.

Job Responsibilities

  • Driving projects forward with our clients (others will execute, but you will be the activator)

  • Creating trust and providing solutions to client challenges

  • Creating, monitoring and reviewing production budgets

  • Working with clients to keep their big picture goals in mind as their projects change and take shape over time

  • Creating and maintaining relationships with freelance crew members

  • Negotiating vendor contracts/agreements

  • Attending meetings with clients and team members to keep projects on track with a clear focus

  • Improving operations and systems within the production team and maximizing project profitability

Note that with this being a leadership/management role, filming and editing are not part of the EP’s responsibilities. Note that we also have a Coordinating Producer on-staff that handles most of the logistics.


  • Intuitive

  • High level thinker who sees the big picture

  • High clarifier

  • Clear communicator

  • Command

  • Activator

  • Problem Solver

  • Skilled interpersonal navigator

  • Arranger

Education and Experience

  • 4-year degree in Film or Business (will consider other degrees if you have significant experience in this role)

  • Minimum 4 years of experience in production management

  • Significant experience managing teams/crews of 10-20+ people

Position Details

Full time; competitive salary

To Apply

Send info to

Please send a resume and cover letter. Please include all the good stuff about why you think you’d be a good fit for our team and this role!

Reliant Studios

Reliant is a production company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Through the years we’ve evolved into a production company with a strong identity and name recognition across the country particularly in major nonprofit and higher education markets. We are known for our authentic storytelling - taking real people and shaping their stories through techniques designed to move an audience to action.

Our current team has worked together cohesively for several years. We hire based on a core set of values that we all share and that are infused into our company at every level:

  • We take great care of each other, our customers, our crew and the people we put on camera

  • We place the team’s success before our own success

  • We are empathetic listeners

  • We are never complacent and we strive for a meticulous pursuit of excellence

  • We own our roles and don’t wait to be asked

  • We value discipline and preparation

  • We believe strongly in balance and in advocating for each other as much as we advocate for our clients. We believe passionately in the work we do - helping organizations advance their missions and change the world.

Reliant Studios