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Meet Josh, our Coordinating Producer

Meet Reliant’s newest team member!

Coordinating Producer: Josh Rusler


Within days of starting at Reliant, Josh has been an asset to our team. I (Allea) have been a direct beneficiary of his eagerness to learn, his willingness to serve and his positive attitude. Day One in the office, he expressed how he wants to help take the load off of other teammates, assisting in whatever way he can — and that means the world to us!

Josh comes to Reliant after a stint in Los Angeles where he lived and worked the past six years at Extra! and on the HGTV show Tiny House Hunters. With his experience in TV and video, he’s got the know-how to slide right into managing projects at Reliant with ease and confidence.

He’s a go-getter, an implementer and he’s super friendly on the phone (just call to talk with him and hear for yourself!). We’re lucky to have him!

Learn more about Josh on the Our Team page.

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