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Lunch & Learn: Why Details Matter

Welcome to our Lunch & Learn blog series! Once a month, someone at Reliant Studios presents on a topic of their choice to the rest of our team. This series of blog posts will be a compilation of what we've covered in each of these gatherings. Take this journey with us, as we continue to learn from one another!

Our team probably handles approximately 1 million details a week. At a minimum.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. However, we do touch lots of tasks and make lots of decisions day-in and day-out. Our job is to make balancing video production look easy (that’s why people hire us versus doing it themselves!). And while some of our “big ideas” are broad in nature, I’d say it’s the nitty-gritty details that keep us on track to get from “concept” to “production” to “final video” while still meeting our clients’ goals.

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All the little details — from confirming flight times or making sure our interviewee’s tie is lying flat on camera — affect the final product. And our goal is to deliver exceptional videos for our awesome clients. We work hard to spot the little things anyone else might overlook.

One of my favorite examples of this is when four of our team members were packing up furniture for a shoot and ALL FOUR noticed a small brown scratch on the edge of a white side table. Sure, we could turn the table around and no one would ever see that scratch on camera, but the fact that our team is looking out for these things says something about the high standards we have for the work that we do.

Good things happen when you’re diligent with the little things:

  • We enjoy a calm and enjoyable process from beginning to end.

  • We save time in the long run, not having to undo previous mistakes.

  • Our clients know they are taken care of.

Help yourself be mindful of details:

  • Communicate often, so you’re up to speed on where the project is now.

  • Have questions? It’s better to ask for clarification than to trek in the wrong direction.

  • Don’t try and multitask. It splits your attention and leaves room for error.

  • Write things down, so you don’t forget. (Fluorescent sticky notes, anyone?)

  • Take time to read your email again — whether you received one or you’re sending one. Have you said everything you need to say?

  • Before you move on to another task, ask yourself, “Is there anything else?”

That last tip is my favorite. Mike shared it with me when I first started at Reliant. I was trying to prove myself as a new employee, often buzzing through tasks so fast that I mistyped a phone number or missed an important task in an email. This simple phrase gave me permission to slow down and take my time: 

Is there anything else?

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