Video Production in Lincoln, NE

Our New (Now Old) Studio

We moved into our new space in early 2014, and it’s become our new home, sweet, home (awww…). We’re located on the north end of the Turbine Flats building, near downtown Lincoln. Here's what it looked like before construction:

Our sweet loft is where we have our weekly team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and themed birthday parties (pirates, Avengers, and yummy food welcome!).

The main floor has desks for each of our editors -- and has Allea sitting where she can see everyone at all times : )

There’s also a quaint sitting area, decked out with our TV, speaker system and Super Nintendo.

Across the hall are separate offices for Mike and Kristin, both of which reveal their own unique styles.

We’re continually glad to have this space to work in. It’s a blessing to have everyone rubbing elbows in one place, which enhances our friendly, productive, and encouraging work environment.

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