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Lunch & Learn: How We Think

Welcome to our new Lunch & Learn blog series! Once a month, someone at Reliant Studios presents on a topic of their choice to the rest of our team. This series of blog posts will be a compilation of what we've covered in each of these gatherings. Take this journey with us, as we continue to learn from one another!

We do a lot of creative problem solving at Reliant. Each project that comes our way is an opportunity to challenge and stretch ourselves in how we approach, develop and execute a video. So we might as well understand how each of our minds work, right?

Seeing a Difference I think one of the first times I noticed how different each of us is at creative problem solving is when we hired our Creative Director, Dan. We do these creative ideating sessions that we call “Bucket” and “Funnel” sessions. I sort of hate them. It’s not that I don’t understand the value of them - I do! - they are enormously important to the success of each project we work on. It’s more that I struggle with the messiness of the sessions. I like structure and order and facts, and, well, not really ideas.

When we brought on Dan, I could see him come to life in those sessions. And then there was me. I fought so hard against the anxiety I would feel going into a Bucket or Funnel, but would always find myself squirming through these sessions waiting for them to be over.

Assessing Ourselves We came across FourSight, which is an assessment tool measuring how we creatively solve problems. It is brilliantly helpful and insightful. For my Lunch & Learn, I had everyone take the assessment and then we measured our results against each other. The assessment gives each person a description of how they solve problems and also a graph showing how you measure in each of these four areas: Clarifying, Ideating, Developing, and Implementing.

Kristin's Assessment

Kristin's Assessment

As an example, here is my chart and the description of my problem solving profile:

What I Learned I learned that I measure super high in Clarifying and Implementing, but bottom out in Ideating and Developing. Brilliant! Now I, and my team, know where they can best use me on each project. I’m probably not going to be a contributor to ideas in a Bucket session, but I can present everyone with the research I’ve done on the project before they begin the ideating and developing stages. Once they figure out what they want to do, I can dive into helping with implementation. And now that everyone knows this about me, I don’t feel the pressure I used to to come up with brilliant ideas. I can join the process at the points where I am the strongest.

I can’t stress how helpful it was to do this as a team - especially as a group who works together on almost everything. We now have our charts hanging across the wall in our creative space. They serve as reminders of how each of us thinks - an opportunity to know when to engage each other in the process.

Loft Posters

Loft Posters

If you work on a team that has to creatively problem solve together, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to do your own FourSight assessments. They are invaluable and fun!