Video Production in Lincoln, NE

Trip to Nepal


A few words to describe the contrasts of Nepal: Wonderful, chaotic, lively, inviting, beautiful and completely impoverished. I think my brain and emotions were on overdrive the whole two weeks Reliant spent capturing video for Tiny Hands International.

Tiny Hands is an organization that works to fight poverty and social injustice. In our case, it means that we spent our time telling the stories of orphans who live in their children’s homes and girls who have been intercepted from human trafficking. We also saw kids living in the streets and begging for food everywhere. While we were at the border, we saw three potential interceptions of girls being trafficked into India to be sold into slavery. And that was just for a few hours on one afternoon at one location.

What a privilege it was, however, to be able to tell stories of redemption. Tiny Hands is truly making an enormous impact on the lives of the people they serve. We are hoping to launch the first of a series of four videos in May. But until then, we spent a few hours cutting together a little teaser of what’s to come. So have a looksie at the trailer check out our Nepal album on Facebook and learn more about Tiny Hands International by visiting their site.