Mike on Authenticity, Storytelling and the Value of Video

Recently, Mike was a guest interviewee with Innovate 4 Jesus’ Justin Blaney. Listen for yourself as they discuss the importance of authenticity, provide tips on gathering stories, and explain the value of video for fundraising and marketing campaigns. Innovate 4 Jesus is an online community that was created for Christian leaders to create, collaborate, and share wisdom. The organization aims to “help leaders grow their businesses, churches, nonprofits and selves for the glory of God.” Read more »

Hi, I’m Allea. And yes, I’m new.

After five years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I finally graduated in May 2012 (Yippee!). For the record, my fifth year was really a “bonus year,” since I decided a semester before my expected graduation to add a second major and study abroad. In August 2011, with two majors in advertising and history, one large suitcase, a taste for adventure, and zero-to-no foreign language experience in tow, I boarded a big airplane and headed east. Bound to study history and British culture, I found my way to Kingston, a borough of London. Studying during the week and traveling on the […] Read more »