Lunch & Learn: Why Details Matter

Welcome to our Lunch & Learn blog series! Once a month, someone at Reliant Studios presents on a topic of their choice to the rest of our team. This series of blog posts will be a compilation of what we’ve covered in each of these gatherings. Take this journey with us, as we continue to learn from one another! Read more »

Nonprofit Film School is here!

  Over the years, Reliant has had the privilege of working with so many awesome organizations, telling their stories through video. We greatly enjoy working with ALL types of organizations, but because of our commitment to authentic storytelling, we’ve worked with many nonprofits. We have also been invited to do a number of training sessions on producing in-house videos and have spoken at many nonprofit conferences. So, over two years ago, we decided to start building Nonprofit Film School to bring our skills and experience to the masses. Read more »