So our process isn’t quite as complex as the one above. But sometimes the path to understanding can be a little messy.

Even so, how refreshing would it be to surprise your audience with an honest peek behind the curtain? Those captured moments could not only add emotional connection to your ‘value proposition’ but also explain the human element of what you do and why you do it. If you dared to capture your audience in such a visceral way that they couldn’t help but act, how would that affect your mission or bottom line?

If you’re up for the journey, bring us along as your guide. Here’s how a video by Reliant Studios can help you along the way…

Our Process

We begin with asking the right questions, in the right order, and listening – really listening. Today’s world seems so concerned with hyper-volume output that this important step is often skipped. But how can someone tell your story unless they really get to know you? We think this is critically important, and we have trained and developed these skills in such a way that we are able to find and draw out the emotional essence of your organization.

To provide structure, we apply our listening skills within the Creative Problem Solving model of clarifying, ideating, developing, executing and delivering.

  • Clarifying: Discovery and Research
  • Ideating: The Creative Process
  • Developing: Pre-Production
  • Executing: Production and Post-Production
  • Delivering: Handing You Your Story

We start with clarifying – gaining an understanding of your organization in a variety of ways. We may research, conduct surveys, hold focus groups, do on-camera interviews – all to simply gain a deeper understanding of who you are, so that your audience also gets to see who you are. This understanding drives the ideating phase where we diverge and converge as we work over concepts on our white boards during multiple creative sessions. Developing is where we craft a plan, so that production and post-production (execution) are smooth sailing. This process enables us to deliver a video that propels your organization forward in accomplishing its goals.

But a process, no matter how detailed, and values, no matter how intact, are pretty useless without a proper team to carry it all through.
Meet the team

Our Values

While the process helps us to stay focused on your mission, our values paint our perspectives and influence our ideas. They are important to us and we believe they allow us to serve you better. These are the anchors that we always go back to.

  • We believe in the elements of [story].
  • We value [emotional] connections.
  • We take simple projects and add [depth] to inspire.
  • We have a passion for [serving] others.
  • We are adept [listeners].
  • We appreciate [simplicity].
  • We love [transparency].
  • We believe that we were created on purpose for a [purpose].