Now Hiring: Bookkeeper / Administrative Assistant

Bookkeeper / Administrative Assistant

We are seeking a part-time, 20 hours/week (highly flexible!), bookkeeper and administrative assistant to join our fun and growing team. Some basic experience with bookkeeping is preferred, but we have systems in place for everything and are ready to train! We are seeking an eager, disciplined, self-starter who enjoys bringing order to a creative environment.

Main Responsibilities

  • Bookkeeper
  • Office Management
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Outgoing Communication

Responsibilities Expanded

Bookkeeper / Billing

As our bookkeeper, it would be your main responsibility to keep the Reliant books in order. This includes basic tax filings, running payroll, billing clients (A/R), managing our outgoing bills and payments to subcontractors (A/P) ,categorizing transactions, managing receipts, and reconciling our accounts each month.

It sounds like a lot, but we’ve got a system in place. Fear not.

Office Management

We have a pretty swanky office. So the role of office management includes general maintenance, with the goal of keeping our space clean and welcoming. Plus, you’d be responsible for purchasing and stocking the office supplies and snacks (there is coffee, if that’s your thing!).

Human Resources Administration

We hire a lot of talent and subcontractors for shoots all over the country, so you’d be responsible for properly filing the paperwork and online records of all these wonderful people. We like to be on the up-and-up, ya know?.

Outgoing Communication

You’ll be responsible for compiling, writing (with help from the team!) and updating our website with our latest projects. Once up on the site, you’ll be sending out the Reliant newsletter and promoting updates through social media (Facebook and LinkedIn, primarily)..

Assisting Production Team

This is our “miscellaneous” category that includes items that come up from time to time such as: creating production books, ordering crew lunches, assisting on a shoot, helping order props etc. Every week is different at Reliant and we sometimes need all hands on deck!

Education & Experience

2 or 4-year college degree

Bookkeeping experience

Position Details

Part-time, highly flexible 20 hours/week

Competitive salary

To Apply

Contact Kristin Sukraw

Please send a resume and cover letter. Please include all the good stuff about why you think you’d be a good fit for our team and this role!

About Reliant Studios

Reliant Studios is a video production company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We began in 2004, and through the years we’ve evolved into a production company with strong name recognition across the country in the nonprofit and higher education markets. We are known for our authentic storytelling – taking real people and shaping their stories through techniques designed to move an audience to action.

Our current team of 8 has worked together cohesively for several years. We hire based on a core set of values that we all share and that are infused into our company at every level:

  • We take great care of each other, our customers, our crew and the people we put on camera
  • We place the team’s success before our own success
  • We are empathetic listeners
  • We are never complacent and we strive for a meticulous pursuit of excellence
  • We own our roles and don’t wait to be asked
  • We value discipline and preparation

We believe strongly in balance and in advocating for each other as much as we advocate for our clients. We believe passionately in the work we do – helping organizations advance their missions and change the world.

For more about us and our work, check out “Who is Reliant?” here:


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