Columbus Community Hospital // “A Legacy of Medicine in a Midwestern Town”


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Columbus Community Hospital was born out of a pioneering spirit, and some of the original voices of this small town medical community are still around to tell what it was like “back when.” Back when physicians wore cowboy boots and knew the owners of each and every ranch. Back when the favor of a doctor’s housecall was returned with payment of a chicken or a duck. And back when the physicians always had time to ask, “How are you really doing?”

This video was like a trip down memory lane — telling the story, not only of this amazing hospital, but of the community that grew alongside it.

We were hired to produce a mini-documentary sharing the nostalgia and history of Columbus Community Hospital in celebration of its 15th anniversary in its current building.

What we found were tales of triumph, passion, blood, sweat and tears: a devotion to the community and a love for its residents. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and learning about the hopes and dreams of a community as much as we did!

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