Homes For Our Troops // “Rebuilding Lives: Marine Sgt Adam Kisielewski”


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The Rebuilding Lives series took our crew to new heights — literally! As part of a six-video series, Sgt Kisielewski’s video aims to highlight how a home from Homes For Our Troops helps injured Veterans rebuild their lives and pursue their passions.

For this particular video, we were able to dive into world of Sgt Kisielewski and the accomplishments he has achieved since losing his arm and leg while serving our country in Iraq. Chief amongst them was learning to fly a plane with one arm. We were able to take to the skies and the road with Adam and capture a piece of his spirit on film in one of our most epic videos to date.

P.S. One of the best parts about the opportunity to travel for work at Reliant is the chance to “play tourist.” After landing in D.C., the team made a special trip to visit the White House — and obviously had to take a selfie!

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