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Marine Sgt Toran Gaal’s new home is being built in San Diego, California. We flew our team there during different segments of his build to capture all of the work going into making this house a home. Thanks to Homes For Our Troops, along with volunteers made up of friends, family and new neighbors, Sgt Gaal and his family are almost ready to move in!

As soon as Sgt Gaal and his family arrived, Volunteer Day officially kicked-off. You could feel the pride of every single volunteer there: shoveling mounds of dirt, planting flowers, and laying down grass. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, children got to chip in with shoveling mulch, too. Every hand — and the heart behind their service — played a part in Sgt Gaal’s journey to his new home.

Homes For Our Troops builds specially-adapted homes so that their families can begin rebuilding their lives, especially during a time when tragedy would otherwise make it hard to get back up again.

With a new home, modified to his needs, Sgt Gaal will have less hurdles to navigate as he goes about daily life. We’re excited to see how Sgt Gaal and his family will thrive in their new home!

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