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We enjoyed partnering with Unanimous to produce this video for Christian Heritage, and we squeezed about as much excitement into two days of filming (and pre-production!) as possible. We filmed in both Lincoln, Nebraska, and a small town named Fairbury over an hour away, where we found a nearly dilapidated house that was perfect for one of our scenes.

Josh and Allea went to Fairbury the week before the shoot to get the room ready for filming. When we showed up for production, we had probably the cutest six-year-old talent, and he was amazing on camera. Check out behind-the-scenes from production.

The goal of this video is to encourage people to attend “Foster Stories,” an event designed to help potential foster parents learn a little bit more about the process of taking care of a foster child. The video will be shown at churches around Nebraska as well as on the web, and we hope that it inspires many to get involved!

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