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State wards face so many different challenges. Whether emotional or physical abuse, the loss of their families, neglect, or isolation, they’re forced to become independent at a young age. Just when most most teenagers are getting encouragement and support from their families for what life will look like after high school, state wards are tackling this monumental change on their own. Will they go to college, or find a full-time job for after graduation?

This is where Central Plains Center for Services comes in. They have a program, the Education and Training Voucher, which “provides financial assistance for tuition, fees and books, as well as one-on-one support, for current and former state wards to attend college.” Essentially, Central Plains provides support to make the transition to college less of a hurdle and more of an opportunity.

What better way to see the impact of this support — financially, yes, but almost more importantly through emotional support — than to meet some of the students who have received the Education & Training Voucher themselves?

Filmed over the course of a few months (including the dead of winter — brr!), we met three fantastic, responsible and goal-oriented individuals, following them on each of their journeys. Though all from different backgrounds and situations, you can clearly see how their lives have been positively changed. We’re eager for you to meet them too, so be sure to watch!