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Danyelle went into labor — and it quickly turned into a life-threatening episode. There was a winter storm raging that night making air travel to a larger, city hospital impossible. So a crew loaded her into an ambulance and sent her into the night toward her only chance of survival: Fremont Health.

We share Danyelle’s story from the perspective of her mother and the healthcare staff at Fremont Health. Throughout the video, we don’t know what happened to Danyelle — did she survive? We purposely left that question unanswered throughout most of the story, creating tension, anticipation, fear and concern in the viewer.

Danyelle was cared for by the Fremont Health staff with absolutely immediacy, precision and expertise. Like warriors ready for battle, they assumed their positions, knew their roles and acted accordingly. All their preparation paid off — and we resolve the video showing Danyelle with her children, hearing her deep gratefulness for the heart and hands of those at Fremont Health.

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