Reliant is growing! Double the team, double the heart.

We are pleased beyond comparison to introduce you to the newest team members at Reliant. It was a busy fall season, so we’re just now rolling out the red carpet for you to meet these fine, talented and dedicated folks. (Better late than never!)

Double the team, double the heart.

Ellen: Story Producer

Ellen Kohl

Ellen is our Story Producer (a brand new position at Reliant!). She’s warm, truthful, encouraging and the perfect person for this role. She conducts pre-interviews, getting to know people’s stories for so many various projects and making recommendations as to which stories are ultimately featured in our videos.

With a Fine Arts degree and a concentration in Advertising Design, Ellen brings a wealth of experience to Reliant after years as an Art Director in the advertising agency world.

She says, “I have the best job, because every day I get to hear what’s on people’s hearts, and I come away so inspired and encouraged!


Mickey: Editor

Mickey Seiler
Mickey came in the knick of time. With a queue of editing projects on his plate since the day he started, he has approached it all with calm and ease (much appreciated by the rest of the team, for sure). With a Film Production degree and fresh ideas for just about anything, he’s got all all sorts of tools in his belt. And just when you’re not expecting it, Mickey’s quick with the comedic relief you didn’t know you needed.

He’s driven by the desire to be part of stories that touch people’s hearts, taking them on astounding journeys: stories of hope, love, loss and redemption. We’re so glad he’s part of the team.

Carrie: Editor

Carrie Todd
Carrie swooped in just weeks after Mickey started, sliding right into the mix of new editing projects in need of her care, attention and editing prowess. With several years of experience and a film degree, she naturally understands storytelling and easily gets to the heart of each project. She also brings her sweet dog to the office — and Lulu brings all sorts of other prowess (and unabashed cuddles) to the team as well.

Carrie loves the editing process, saying, “I always end up feeling a connection to the people whose stories I help to tell.

Megan: Marketing and Production Intern

Megan Tynecki
Megan is our newest addition to the Reliant Studios team. She’s currently an Advertising and Public Relations student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During her sophomore year at UNL she traveled to France to work at the 67th International Cannes Film Festival, saying, “It was here that I realized the amazing impact films and videos can have on the people around them.”

Megan has a bright spirit with an eagerness to help, and we’re glad she’s spending her semester with us!

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