AIM // “Careerlink”





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Project Description

AIM is dedicated to the tech community, which is why they created Careerlink to serve this field. Primarily, Careerlink makes the job posting, application gathering, and narrowing of qualified applicants, all that much more efficient for the busy work of human resources directors.

Our goal with this short video was to capture the positive experiences people have had using Careerlink. To do that, we met with some of their most faithful clients, who told us why they love using Careerlink for seeking and hiring talent for their technical positions. They raved about customer service, qualified applicant return rate, and the difference AIM has made in the tech community through classes for high school students, and more!

This was a fun shoot – we got to visit some companies, both big and small, and dive into their worlds for a few hours. We’re eager to see how AIM and Careerlink can help other businesses continue to grow, as well as help young people develop technical skills that’ll prepare them for new and exciting job opportunities!

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