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Mentoring. It can be as simple as reading a book together, talking about life, helping with schoolwork, or playing a round of HORSE. The TeamMates Mentoring Program makes it easy for adults to mentor students from third grade through high school – for one hour, once a week. We love how TeamMates has taken such a simple concept and made it a reality, positively impacting over 7,000 students (and mentors) each week.

We filmed a handful of spots for TeamMates to help encourage adults to become mentors. We interviewed four real-life mentors, and they shared about the influence they can have on the life of a child – and the ways they’ve grown and benefited too. Everyone we interviewed had different work schedules, interests, phase of life, and motive for getting involved. They spoke from the heart, getting to brag about their mentees and share about their unique relationship.

Busting some myths of mentoring, we emphasized that TeamMates makes it easy to show up and spend time together, that there are no special skills required to be a mentor, and that the main goal is to listen to your mentee and share life together.

After you watch this, ask yourself, “Could I be a mentor?” We hope you’ll consider it!

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