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Cedars is changing lives. United through creative expression in this video, each story tells the before and after of Cedars’s involvement in their lives. Hands down, lives were improved. A young mother learned how to support her child, a daughter repaired her relationship with her parents, and two little girls found a home with open, loving arms. The ear-to-ear smiles are proof of lives changed for the better (and who doesn’t love to see someone else smile?!).

By highlighting these different stories, you can see just how diverse the services of Cedars span. We hope by hearing the real-life accounts of people who have been involved with Cedars, you’ll see how this organization is helping our communities. These stories are from different backgrounds and have different futures, but all were impacted by the dedicated staff at Cedars who strive to create positive, encouraging relationships.

This long format video is used on the Cedars website and through face-to-face fundraising meetings to inform potential donors of the true and lasting impact their contributions support.

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