Hi, I’m Allea. And yes, I’m new.

After five years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I finally graduated in May 2012 (Yippee!). For the record, my fifth year was really a “bonus year,” since I decided a semester before my expected graduation to add a second major and study abroad. In August 2011, with two majors in advertising and history, one large suitcase, a taste for adventure, and zero-to-no foreign language experience in tow, I boarded a big airplane and headed east. Bound to study history and British culture, I found my way to Kingston, a borough of London.

Studying during the week and traveling on the weekends, I came home just before Christmas completely exhausted, having left every ounce of energy in my four months abroad. It was worth every second, every dollar/pound/euro/zloty, every wrong turn, every right turn. I not only experienced a dozen cultures outside of America, I learned a lot about myself. I could leave, manage, go forth, survive and thrive. I exceeded my own expectations.

Fast forward to September 2012, and I’m shaking hands with Mike and Kristin, accepting the position of Production Coordinator for Reliant. To say that this position is clearly a God-send is a complete understatement. With previous experiences guiding my job hunt, Mike and Kristin were the ideal business owners a girl could ask to work for. From the beginning, they’ve brought a level of sensitivity to each situation, providing guidance and encouragement in relation to my skills and goals as a young professional.

As the one who helps organize, well, a lot of things, I provide answers and assistance for clients and vendors alike. You should know that I’m a helper, learner, administrator, encourager and perpetual optimist.

See you around,

Also, my name is Allison Lea, which is why I spell “Alli” like “Allea.” Now you know.

Let us know what you think!


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