Reliant Studios is Hiring!

Reliant is Hiring for a Nonprofit Film School Sales Position

We spent over two years developing Nonprofit Film School, the “ultimate learning toolkit for nonprofits to tell their stories through video.” We launched it in Spring 2016, and now that the school is up and running, we need someone to help us get the word out. We’re looking for a full-time sales professional to build relationships with nonprofits, churches, colleges and universities to excitedly tell them about Nonprofit Film School and the benefits of enrolling!

If you have a proven track record in sales and would love to be part of the Reliant team, please reach out to us via the Nonprofit Film School Contact page.


About Nonprofit Film School

At Reliant Studios, we saw a need where a lot of people want videos, but aren’t able to afford a production company or are wanting to supplement their professionally-produced videos with more frequent video content. Nonprofit Film School was created to equip organizations to shoot their own simple videos — in a way that takes audiences to the front lines of what organizations are doing, engaging people with their cause in a deeper way (that’s what we all want, right?).

In its simplest form, Nonprofit Film School is an online, go-at-your-own-pace course that teaches video production basics. It was crafted with beginners in mind and provides all the tools to actually execute what’s taught. It is made up of 5 courses, including 21 lessons taught by the seasoned professionals at Reliant Studios, supplemented with 15 bonus resources to help students apply their lessons.

It’s a great resource for nonprofit organizations’ development directors, marketing teams, board of directors and volunteers.


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